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>> the tragic accident happened on highway 50 year placerville. their prius collided with a minivan. in the van a 4-year-old girl was killed and four others survived. in the prius, sue, his wife ask son died. only 10-year-old ellie survived and sou saul that's a miracle. >> we need to convey to that there is very good reason she survived. >> su was an iron worker imgreat together u.s. two decades ago. >> he did his best to make sure his wife and children have what theyç and he's a very loving father. >> they lived in san francisco. she showed photographs of a loving and caring family. >> they do everything together. they love each other. very much as you can see. they have a lot of smiles, they laugh a lot.
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it's -- it's a tragedy. >> she and her extended family will raise 10-year-old ellie. >> she is loved and she needs to know that. she's special and the reason why she survived is a positive reason. not a negative one. >> it may have been a miracle. she was tleet treated and released that had day. the chp tells us they couldn't don't know the cause of the accident. the funerals will be december 5th, next wednesday. >> our weather is changing. enjoy dry weather while you can. now a preview of what is shaping up to be a wet week ahead. >> three storms headed our way. we have fog overnight tonight, do expect areas of dense fog.
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tomorrow morning commute could be dicey again. we have radar tracking those three storms. first one is right here. it's not far way arriving wednesday. here is the second and third storm just east of japan. i'll be back with a look at the storms, timing of when heaviest rain and wind will hit in just a few moment autos thank you. >> take a look at this. this is a fog so thick flights delayed an hour, sfo still experiencing delays. most effective were flights along the western u.s.. >> when coming into san francisco wile cite one forth before landing in foggy conditions were required to space out t?l!j aircraft further.
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that causes delays. >> visibility less than a quarter mile inwñzu areas can. airports in oakland not affect by the fog. no word yet on whether fog was the cause of a crash that killed a 14-year-old girl. a pickup truck hit the girl around 8:30. officers say the driver is cooperating with the investigation. >> santa clara county kicks off winter shelter program meaning armies will open doors to homeless people during cold nights. the center will provide'jtge emergency beds and give priority to those enrolled in employment program. the program continues through march, serving about 28 people in the south bay every year. >> a jewelry store owner able to stop a heist by shooting at robbers. plea say robbers entered the
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store with guns drawn. before they could grab anything, the store owner pulled out her own gun and fired. áaboutarned shop oners taking law into their hands. >> don't suggest it. we prefer they comply with demands of the robbers. they're just material yimts and a life cannot. >> no one injured by gunfire, two robbers got way in a dark colored suv. >> number of murders in oakland eclipse all of last year's totals one prominent activist is falling on police and leaders to do more abc 7 news is live at police headquarters. >> oaklandyip tribune reports 15 homicides so far in the city this year.
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includez+-hájnlñ in self-defense. they have number at 111 whatever the number many say has to stop. after six homicides in five days oakland coach and community act strift says he's seen enough. >> kids just dying every day, no reason. it's 225 murders in two years, too many kids. >> according to the police department there has been 111f[. that is eight greater than all last year. &mkdour period over the saturday morning a young mother was found shot to death in her apartment. later that morning a 19-year-old man killed on the 5700 block of san pablo avenue, sunday morning 6:00 a.m. two women were shot and killed in east oakland. >> unfortunately we did have
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several homicides this last weekend whachl we can tell you is that none of them appeared to be related to each other. >> police officers association blamesúóú1 the spike to offer y at staffing levels. 640 officers on the street in oakland. 200 fewer than in 2008. walker wants the leadership and mayor to do more. >> she's been trying to watch and be aware. her job is trying to help save kids, give them a job, give them something to do. they're not going to do nothing until you give them something to do. >> now, walker referring to the fact walker is in china on a trade mission. and a judge will hold a hearing on that issue in a few weeks, december 13th.
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>> a sheriff deputy was in court today facing bank robbery charges. the 36-year-old entered the courtroom flanked by two deputies. today he pleaded not guilty to second degree robbery and particulary. tong is a seven year veteran of the force. made him surrender his gub and also ordered tong to stay away from banks and tellers. >> san jose residents will have a say in selection of the new police chief. beginning tonight officials are holding first of four petings. city manner will make a recommendation one candidates had been screened and interviewed. >> police put up a help wanted sign today, accepting
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applications between now and december 7th for those that want to join the force. you can find more information on our web site apc 7 under see it on tv. the plan calls for hiring00 new office yernz two years you probably know it's cyber monday. this is a day you can get great deals on internet gifts. estimating sales reaching $1.5 billion saying on top of friday's billion dollars in online sales. and when you consider that brick and mortar stores had a 1.8% drop in sales on black friday, it stands to reason that more of us are shopping online rather than waiting in line for deals. >> almost every retailer today including this shop in san
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jose knows value of shopping and selling online. what started out as a first monday is starting to change. >> take a look at the web sites you'd get impression cyber monday is a national holiday kicking off shopping season. not so says pay pal, the pavement service in san jose. >> we saw the season start on september 30th. so, consumers have been looking for deals earlier. derail -- retailers have been providing them. >> major retailers entice shoppers and small retailers have their web sites, too. however, they can't keep with the discounts. dispute that, they have seen steady growth. >> last year about 10%. now this year up to 20. probably 25% now.qç-qh
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with today. >> kit yarrow is a psychologist. >> it's long shopping period. i think consumer goesing to purr kas because of low prices but they've got a lot of time to return the gift. >> ibm bench mark estimates sales are up almost 26% compared to last year, 11% being done on mobile device autos it's losing it's significance a bit. people are aren't tried to -- tied to computers anymore, they can shop anywhere they want. they're doing that. >> there is a small group who won't shop online. >> are you shopping online? >> no. all local. >> what are the most popular things to buy online?
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jewelry banks number two. and guess what? apparel is number one. >> thank you. the day isn't over, you have a wile to get in on cyber monday. we've compiled a bunch of information. just click cyber monday resources and it will get you here to this site. it gives coupons to use. >> today marks third cyber monday law enforcement agents have cracked down on web sites selling counterfeit goods. 132 sites were seized today for violating copy right infringement laws. >> it's not all fun and games in jumpy houses, coming up, what can be done to keep children safe.
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>> explaining why christmas trees could be in high demand this season. the news continues in just one
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firefighters say they found the cause of a carbon monday yochl yoid poisoning scare. it was caused by cigarettes, firefighters combed the house looking for the leak but figured out the source was just a lot of cigarette smoke. only two people inside of the house tested positive for the potentially deadly gas, one an elderly smokier, officials say the rest of the people showing symptoms of poisoning likely suffered from psycho sow matic symptom autos first study ever on injuries sustained from inflatable bounce houses is out.
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research shows the rate of injuries just -- jumped 15  years. >> it's one of the popular sources of entertainment for kismdz a study shows inflatable bounce houses are responsible for a lot more visits to emergency rooms. lisa is a parent who know what's can happen if kids are left unsupervised. >> bigger kids you know jumping so hard, they'll squish smaller kids. push them up against the wall. so there is concern for safety. >> the study found that between 1995 and 2010, rate of injuries jumped 1500% the city also points out in 2010 alone, 31 children were treated in emergency rooms each day. that is one child every 45 minutes. >> it does need to be supervised like children in a pool.
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you can't just go inside to light candles on the cake and be gone. >> in business since 1986 he says they make sure parents know rules before renting the equipment. >> we're not sure how to remove a piece. this seems like it might be dangerous. >> dr. strober is a child neurologyist. >> we used to think it doesn't matter until you're(f&: older. mild concussionszwoc can cause focusing problem autos boys had more concussions than girls but according to the study most common injuries were fractures and sprains. >> plastic milk crates now getting attention of thieves saying thieves are targeting the plastic crates and palettes and grinding them for resale. last year the l.a. county
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sheriff's department splashed first task force to stop the thieves. they recovered $6 kblinl worth of stolen plastics and made nearly 50 arrests. >> holidays just ended and shopping is already well underway with black friday. >> yes. continues. michael finney is here now with information on all three of these for us. >> looking at christmas trees this year? >> when you go it's not aums pretty why? pickings are slim. you'll see plenty with limbs. reason, lack of water. so to get best deal, shop early and big. bigger because trees fare better in drought condition autos shopping this year spending 9% more this black
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friday than a year ago. tally up entire four-day weekend, sales up 13% to $59 billion we're expected to spend another $1.5 kbrinl today. with sales this strong, don't be looking for deep discounts in the season. retailers aren't as desperate so when you see a good deal jump on it, patients not going to be a virtue. sales expected two weeks before christmas. by experts but buy then, most of the highly desirable items will be gone. this monday has been different. than most of those in the past. sales tax, since september 15th of the year, many retailers have been charging sales tax on internet purchases sold to those who live in california that. is when our stubp' law went into affect requiring them to
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start charging sales tax. >> if a retailer doesn't pay tax, then they have advantage over guys trying to make a living in the state of california. >> not all merchants are collecting the tax on the smaller companies saying federal law exerp yefrts them. citizens required to pay at the time of purchase or to keep track of how much money spent online, then pay a use tax on state income tax form. it's highly unlikely to do that if you buy a big screen tv they're going to be looking out for you. >> thank you. >> sure. >> we're expecting some major changes in weather. >> yes. >> sandhya patel is here to tell whaus is in store. >> we're looking at strong winds, heavy rain. this is a live look out
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towards the bay we do have high clouds moving through. we have fog west. it will be dense again. there is a beautiful view of the moon over lake tahoe. snow levels 7500 to 8,000 feet. so if you're heading to tahoe tomorrow, partly cloudy skies with gusty winds. wednesday, we're looking at rain snow mix with gusty winds. snow level goesing to run high. right now you can see ta we still have fog hugging the coastline at this hour, visibility has improved but will likely go down hill again. we have our own doppler. it will be tracking not one, but three storms this week. temperatures rightjnjnow in the 50s and 60s here are the highlights. we're looking at areas of dense fog overnight. wet, windy starting wednesday and more storms coming in heading foo the weekend.
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so do not put your rain gear away peedly. pulling it out you're going to need it. tomorrow morning grab a sweater or jacket. make sure little ones have it. we're going to see cool conditions in the north and east bay valleys. south bay 43 degrees, fog in the same areas and valleys. it will be thick in pockets again for the morning compute. here is storm one. burst of wind ask rain wednesday importanting. another storm going come quickly. we're looking at heavy rain. thursday and friday. you can see this is a little bit farther north. and a third one is just east of japan. the store number three, you're looking at wide spread wind and rain going intogend saturd. so wednesday, 5:00 a.m. starting to see rain beginning to move n stormy for morning commute. heavy rain, winds at times. southern winds gusting 40-50 miles per hour. we're looking at rain to
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continue. so rainfall totals over 12 inches. six to eight inches in far northern end of the viewing area. and three to four inches for the monterey bay. this will lead to possible problems. flood watch for the delta looking at lake county. northern san jacquessy valley. flood watch issued well in advance. flooding of creeks and streams, it's likely going to be one of the biggest problems, temperatures tomorrow afternoon, upper 50s to low 60s, could see sprinkles out there tomorrow. main rain event gets in here on wednesday. around the bay, temperatures in low to mid-60s. increasing cloud cover leading up to areas of heavy rain and
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wind wednesday. more wet weather friday into the weekend. we'll see strong winds at times. potential for power lines and trees to go down. there as ground gets sat rated with no real major break coming our way. chance of rain monday. hang on tight. it's going to be a long stretch of weather. >> there is a series of storms. >> yes. absolutely. >> thank you. >> still to come the bay area animal shelter. it pays to bring chihuahua for care. >> at 6:00 tab blets are a hot selling item but notú!@ñ
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here is unusual one, humbolt state university has an institute devoted to one of northern california's biggest cash crops, marijuana. faculty members will work with the institute including
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economics, politics and psychologist professors clab rating on projects and sponsor lectures on marijuana impacts in california and beyond. >> a desecrated vietnam war memorial was cleaned up today just an hour or two after abc 7 news told about it. vandals scratched the memorial that honor veterans killed if the war. we learned about the vandalism from clay calling the city of concord, the first they heard of it. they cleaned it up. the plaque stolen and had to be replaced. >> there are many chihuahuas in the bay area, humane society taking a step to slow down their birth rates. the peninsula humane society will pay owners 20ses today have their dogs spayed or ñ the dogs brought into the sqlerltz are chihuahuas. human sane -- society says the
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dogs don't play well with children so they often go unadopted. >> do you have a special memory of the sticks? now is the time to chime in so it can go down
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coming up the eff5f5ñ being launched to stop home burglaries and other crimes this is not a typical neighborhood watch program. >> like a fire work going off. >> the case of the exploding cable box. why the company was not in a hurry to pay for it. those stories and more coming up at 6:00. >> the 49ers are not yet in theirr0r7eiñew stadium but givig fans a chance to say goodbye to the stick. >> the team launched a new web
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site where fans can vote on greatest moments since the team moved there in 1971. >> voting ends december 31. we have a link on our web site under see it on tv. the moments will be raised throughout next season. 49ers scheduled to move into the stadium in 2014. >> not too far way. >> nope. >> world news is up next. >> thank you for inviting us into your homes tonight. >> you can stay connected 24-7 on obc 7 this is "world news." tonight, soaring sales. about to be the biggest online shopping day ever. can you guess the number one thing your neighbors are buying? will it power up the economy? trapped. a raging fire, workers leap to

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